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CR1 - 45 RPM - NON SENTO PIU', The Bluebeaters

10,00 €
Dettagli del prodotto

CariBB7 - 002A - NON SENTO PIU' (Benifei-Romagnoli) Ed. Garrincha Dischi/OhYez

CariBB7 - 002B - WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER (D. Guetta/F. Rister/K. Rowland)

Black vinyl. White envelope.
Pressed by Phonopress.
Distributed by Caribb Roots and Serengeti.

NON SENTO PIU' is the new single by The Bluebeaters released by Garrincha/Sony Music Italy on November 10, 2023 digitally. Today on 45 rpm vinyl on the newly established CARIBB ROOTS label, our new home.

The track is an extra track from the 2020 album SHOCK! It was supposed to be released with a delay of a few months to lengthen the life of the album; it never came out. It comes out now. A chapter in our history closes, unfortunately the Garrincha adventure will also be archived. Matteo Romagnoli, manager, producer, artist and above all a friend passed away in June this year and we thought we would pay tribute to him by releasing the track. Mixed and produced by Matteo Romagnoli at Donkey Studio in Medicina (BO).

WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER on the B side is still an extra track but from the album EVERYBODY KNOWS (Record Kicks, 2015) and we had already released it in 2021 on our Bandcamp. Now we are putting it on vinyl. It's a cover of Guetta's track and a regular track in our set list.

It's basically two extra tracks from THE BLUEBEATERS' last two albums, looking forward to coming out with a new single - ALSO ON VINYL - in the coming year, which will be our 30th birthday, 2024.

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